Wall Beds

3 Day Closets offers a wide variety of custom-made storage solutions, including comfortable Murphy beds, and soft, durable desk beds. As the Orlando area’s most trusted resources for interior organization, our beds are designed for rigors of every-day use and provide the ease and convenience of roll-away rest.

Over the past 15 years, 3 Day Closets has built our reputation for the highest level of service, expedient installation, and superior products. With the introduction of one of our Murphy or desk beds into your home or office, you get all three. Our professionally-trained designers will choose the perfect spot in any room in your house, then provide quick, efficient installation using the finest components from the industry’s best names. 

Each one of our bed installations is equipped with a heavy-duty, fully-adjustable, multi-spring system that moves with fingertip ease. Through this effortless operation, anyone can pull down and store away any of our bedding products, and their sleek, steady legs even fold out of sight for a seamless stylish secret that adds value to any room.   

Whether you want to transform your office into a cozy guest room with the comfort of a Murphy bed, or fold down your child’s playdesk into a cozy napping nook, 3 Day Closets has what you need to maximize comfort.

Murphy Wall Beds:

Real Mattress. Real Frame. Real Comfort.

Murphy beds are an innovative way to turn any room into a functional guest room – while still saving space. Murphy beds, by construction, are light, strong, and can be built into almost any wall without a hint of frames or springs. Our Murphy beds come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can support up to 1800 lbs. with ease!

Antique White, Murphy Wall Beds, Roseville - 3 Day Closets
Brown Fold Down Bed Photo, Murphy Wall Beds, Roseville - 3 Day Closets
murphy wall bed ajar

Desk Beds:

Desk beds, also known as Hiddenbeds, offer a great way to save space in any room. In just seconds, they can transform from a spacious workstation to a soft, cozy bed. Perfect for smaller offices and kids’ rooms, desk beds are versatile enough to accommodate a variety of uses while still adhering to almost any decor!

Image of Desk, Murphy Wall Beds, Roseville - 3 Day Closets
Desk Bed Photo, Murphy Wall Beds, Roseville - 3 Day Closets


3 Day Closets’ professional design teams can seamlessly install these sleek, functional, fold-out sleepers for you in a flash. When you work with our local Orlando company, we’ll give you a FREE on-site estimate with fair pricing, the expertise and insight to choose the perfect spot, and the seamless installation you deserve without a lot of interruption to your daily life.

For more information about our wall beds, or to schedule your FREE on-site estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 407-447-4965.

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