Our Company

3 Day Closets is fully-committed to offering you complete organization for your home or business and unrivaled customer satisfaction with every visit. Our talented team of trained professionals can work in every room in your building to make any space more usable, free from clutter, more ergonomic, and more efficient than ever before!

As a local, family-operated company in the Orlando area, we make it our mission to meet the specific needs of every customer that walks through our doors. Our process is effective and diligent. Our results? Undeniable. With us, your rooms will be as functional as they are beautiful once all services are complete.

Let 3 Day Closets personalize all your assistance and interior coordination’s down to the last detail. Décor, style, existing space – we take it all into account to provide the personalized experience you deserve! Our designers and organizers will work with you, one-on-one, and offer the type of unique storage system installations, interior enhancements, and comfortable sleep products you’ve always wanted.

Our Process

As one of our valued customers, you’ll receive the highest level of customized care and detail with every visit. For the last 15 years, 3 Day Closets has been working to improve our methods and perfect our organizational process to ensure the very best results for your residential or commercial interior. Though our customer testimonials tell us we’re on the right track, we know that our company gets better and better with every project we undertake. We invite you to join the ranks of our satisfied local customers and find out what we can 3 Day Closets can do for you.

The 3 Day Closets Story

You could say it’s because of my wife that I got into the closet organization business.  While engaged I bought a house for us to begin our lives together.  The first time my fiancée came to see the house I was so excited, showing her all the rooms and amenities.  When I looked at her to see her reaction I was concerned to see the corners of her mouth turn down and sadness in her eyes.  I asked her what was wrong and she said the house was beautiful, but the closets were so small and crowded she didn’t think there would be any room for her things.  Luckily for me a friend of mine, the owner of a successful closet company in California, helped me design and install new closets in my home…which made my wife very happy.

My friend decided to retire and sell his business after 12 years. I asked him what he might do differently if he had to do it all over again, what would he change, add to, or make different to make the industry and a new closet company stand out above all the rest. Using his suggestions, we fashioned a closet organizing company that offers an innovative and a superior high-end product. We give the customer a better value by being above the industry standard where it matters most…stronger and deeper drawers with backing, floor mounted for greater stability, deeper shelves, free in-home consultation with computer graphics for ease of understanding, and superior delivery times with one day installations.

Today, 3 Day Closets is the fastest growing, most innovative closet company in the country with its roots coming from strong experience.

3 Day Closets Process:

  • A FREE on-site estimate for all services
  • Personal Designer to review your unique space
  • Customized organizational plan
  • In-house manufacturing of any custom parts
  • Fast, efficient installation by trained professionals
  • Detailed updates and insights on all progress
  • Final walkthrough to ensure your satisfaction
  • Follow up phone call with additional service enquiries
in-home design consultation

Contact 3 Day Closets today to begin your journey towards saving money, and saving space, the easy way!