At 3 Day Closets, we manufacture everything we sell. That means we have the capabilities to work with you to design organization and storage solutions that can accommodate your needs. 3 Day Closets is especially pleased to work with clients in the commercial and medical fields to design cabinetry that is stylish, soothing, and fully-functional for more institutional use.   

Our company is not limited in any way by prefabricated molds, product shortages from distributors, or the economy. Our Orlando-area clients trust us to be out-of-the-box thinkers and manufacturers, to overcome their personal interior space shortages, and provide solutions that truly last. And, at 3 Day Closets, we’re happy to deliver just that!

We use our professional design training, and unique vision of what a space should look like, to offer our commercial and medical clients everything they need to keep things organized, coordinated, and safe. These ideas may include: combining elements from a custom closet to create something new, borrowing a concept from a home office design and putting it into action in a commercial space, or creating a unique workspace for a doctor’s office or medial supply warehouse in ways no one expects.


Commercial cabinetry from 3 Day Closets is always custom-designed based on space, equipment, and our clients’ unique needs. When we set to designing custom cabinetry, we give all our commercial and medical clients in the Orlando, FL area their choice of style, finish, and hardware – down to the smallest detail. The result? A beautiful, functional piece that is covered by a lifetime warranty and provides everything anyone could ask for.

For more information pertaining to customized commercial or medial storage and cabinetry, or to schedule your next FREE on-site design consultation call 3 Day Closets at 407-447-4965.