Our Staff:

Office Manager: Jenny Ser
Shop Manager: Bob Weigand
Production Manager: Alex Venegas

Design Staff:
Sue Cook
Regina Pepe
Tyler Venegas
Brian Lincoln

Gary Mitchem

Installer Team:
Frank Bartlett
Oleg Sorkin
Ron Swanson
Bill Vaughn
Mike Murphy



We can help you utilize your existing storage space more efficiently, with a process that’s unique, simple, affordable and quick!

Our closet design experts are waiting to help organize and simplify your living space. Advice from our team will help you master your available space and organize your life. With over 15 years of experience and a team of experts, 3 Day Closets is ready to design the custom closet of your dreams. Call today to schedule a FREE consultation and to find out how we can help! 407-447-4965.